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The AFL has so far baulked at the players' demands for between 27 and 30 per cent of the AFL's overall revenue, excluding some aspects such as gaming and government grants. "Nothing's off the table at the moment," Dangerfield said late last year in regards to this year's pre-season games. "It's a chance [we'll strike]. I'm not saying it's a definite possibility but certainly if nothing gets done then we need to look at all avenues in order to secure a deal. "Yeah no doubt, no [we won't be backing down]. We have a clear direction from all 850 players who we as a [Players Association] represent and it's not until they satisfy our needs as players that we'll be satisfied." Back in the jungle, whilediscussingthe issue, Price suggested the AFL CEO earned more like $3 million. "How a player isn't making the most money in the AFL is beyond me. Yet the highest paid player is probably $1.2 million, maybe," said Swan. When asked if he was the best he replied: "At a certain point probably. I won the Best and Fairest three times so probably in three years." He wenton to say that his weight, and being considered "fat" for AFL, also helped sell newspapers. "Look, I sold papers ...When you got the highest profile in the biggest team in the country, and especially when it's negative - Collingwood sells papers, especially when it's negative." Laterduringthe Steve Price "radio" segment, Swan expanded upon his career in the AFL and off-field antics. "So I got drafted, I was 17, I was far too lazy, lazier than what I was at the end of my career.